Warwick swans wheelbarrowed back to Kingfisher pool

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The family of two swans and eight cygnets treated by a rescue charity for lead poisoning were returned to the Kingfisher Pool at Myton Fields yesterday (Wednesday).

District councillor Linda Bromley and her neighbours Ann Marriot and Jo Beckett, who live near the pool, were happy to loan wheelbarrows to help carry the family back to their nesting site.

It was the male cobb bird who appeared to have been affected by lead poisoning and was spotted by nature lovers holding his head at an angle that suggested he was unwell.

Jan Harrigan (right) from Wychbold Swan Rescue in Droitwich collected the male and his family and has been treating him with antibiotics while keeping a careful eye on the rest of the swans.

Even though lead weights ahd shot is illegal to use on waterways, Jan says anglers can still buy it over the internet and can be deadly to waterbirds.

She was joined by Cllr Bromley (Ind, Warwick South) in urging people not to buy either.

Angling shops have not been able to sell lead for 20 years.