Kenilworth business launches anti-plastics recycling initiative

Do you know what wet wipes are made of?

Tuesday, 2nd July 2019, 5:48 pm
Sally Wilson and Kenilworth Upholstery director Gary Warren.


Kenilworth Upholstery has offered a free service for people to bring their old towels in, which will then be cut up and the edges overlocked turning them into hand sized reusable wipes.

Gary Warren, the director of the business, said: “After 20 years I still enjoy the trade immensely, and find there are new challenges and lessons every day. You never stop learning.

“However more recently attention has turned to waste and how to reduce it. In our profession we repurpose items past their best. It feels good to be able to do our bit for the environment and craft something that fulfils customers’ aspirations.”

The upholstery business dates back to 1966, serves as a full re-upholstery service for both antique and modern furniture. They also offer and sell paint, wallpaper and rugs and offer additional leather restoration and curtain making services.

The service is open to anyone, especially new mums not yet using disposable wet wipes.

Gary added: “After recently catching a BBC item on the impact of wet wipes we decided it was time to try to ditch wet wipes. I took a couple of old towels in to the workshop one afternoon and cut them down to make over a dozen reusable wipes.”

Sally Wilson, who recently used the service, said: “They’re really similar to other reusable wipes I’ve used before but free. If that isn’t a great incentive I don’t know what is.”