The branches of the Cubbington Pear Tree flowering in death.

Defiant in death: Much-loved Cubbington Pear Tree near Leamington makes one last show of beauty despite being cut down by HS2

These photos also show what is left of the edge of South Cubbington Wood after felling by HS2

Wednesday, 28th April 2021, 10:16 am

These photos show the last blooms of the much-loved Cubbington Pear Tree - despite the fact that it was cut down about six months ago.

The pictures were taken by Karen Lewis-Bell on behalf of the Cubbington Action Group Against HS2.

The group said that the pear tree limbs are acting like a cut flower as there are no roots.

"These are the limbs from the felled tree, putting on their last show in death," said Karen.

"It’s a parting shot, flowering in death. It was so emotional to see."

The branches were placed in the ground by HS2, for birds and bats to perch/roost.

Click here to view the Cubbington Action Group Against HS2's Facebook page.

The 250-year-old tree, voted England Tree of the year in 2015 and located on the edge of South Cubbington Wood, was cut down in October 2020 to make way for the new high speed rail line.

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Cubbington Action Group worked with Shuttleworth College, Bedfordshire and has already grafted saplings, growing in four places in the village and several others in the area.

HS2 Ltd has also taken grafts to try to keep the tree alive.

Other photos by Karen in this article show how the edge of South Cubbington Wood looks now, after felling by HS2.

She said:" It was apocalyptic in places. Only small sections of mitigation area were growing but this will not replace the complex ancient ecosystems destroyed. There are only small slivers of remaining ancient woodland."

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