Elderly woman has purse stolen in Kenilworth 'bag dipping' theft

Crime news
Crime news

Senior citizens were targeted for the second time this week after a purse was stolen from a woman as she shopped on Warwick Road in Kenilworth.

Warwickshire Police have called the incident a 'bag dipping' theft, which occurred after a woman appeared to accidentally bump into a female senior citizen.

Shortly afterwards the senior citizen realised her black leather purse was missing, which contained bank cards, a bus pass and some cash.

The incident happened at a retail business on Warwick Road between 2.30 and 2.40pm on Wednesday May 29.

Anyone with information about the theft can call police on 101 using incident 283 of May 30.

A similar incident happened only 24 hours earlier in the town centre.

The Kenilworth Safer Neighbourhood Team issued advice asking people to be extra vigilant when out shopping after a senior citizen in Kenilworth had her purse stolen during a 'distraction theft' on Tuesday May 28.

Police encourage people shopping to make sure their bags and purses are secured so that cannot be seen or easily removed.

The Kenilworth Safer Neighbourhood Team issued the advice after senior citizen had her purse stolen while shopping in the Kenilworth town centre around 4pm Tuesday on May 28.

The theft occurred after a man in the shop asked the woman to try on a jacket so he could see if it would suit his mother. The woman obliged, putting her shopping bag down and moments later discovered her purse containing a quantity of cash had been stolen.

The thief was described as a tall white man in his 20s.

Anyone with information about the theft should call police at 101 using incident number 295 for May 28.