Warwick scientist at Westminster

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A former Aylesford School pupil who is part of a team conducting major research in quantum physics is today (Mon) due to present his findings to a panel of judges in the Houses of Parliament.

Edward Guise, aged 26, grew up in Hampton Magna and after leaving school went on to study physics at Lancaster University.

When he graduated with a first class honours degree he stayed on in Lancaster as a member of their world-leading Ultra-Low Temperature Physics group.

Now he’s working towards his doctorate and is part of a team researching turbulence in quantum fluids, which only exist at temperatures close to absolute zero.

The research may one day be useful in turbulence affecting aircraft, cars and water in pipework.

Mr Guise, whose family still live in Hampton Magna, was today due to present the findings of the team to members of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee in a competition which could result in up to £3,000 in extra funding.

He said: “As a scientist, the ability to communicate your research not only to your peers but also to wider audiences is important.

“This is a fantastic opportunity.”

Dr Frances Saunders, president of the Institute of Physics, said: “The SET for Britain competition is a great opportunity for some of the country’s most impressive scientific talent to show off their research to politicians from across the UK.”