Driver of this 'fine automobile' used a strange trick to avoid paying for proper insurance - Warwickshire officers weren't fooled

Photo: OPU Warwickshire, Facebook.
Photo: OPU Warwickshire, Facebook.

Traffic officers acknowledged the admirable (but mistaken) effort that went into a driver employing a strange trick to attempt to avoid paying for proper insurance.

On January 23 spokesperson for OPU (Operational Patrol Unit) Warwickshire wrote: "The driver of this fine automobile has attempted to avoid proper insurance premiums."

The car, apparently, had insurance in the Republic of Ireland - but officers discovered that the car's numberplates were a 'guise to hide its status'.

OPU Warwickshire added: "Its new status is seized by police in a recovery yard.

"Effort admirable but mistaken."

The statement concludes: "Stay insured."