District council discussing plans for more playing pitches near Kenilworth

Latest news from Warwick District Council
Latest news from Warwick District Council

Officers at Warwick District Council are in discussions with the University of Warwick over plans to create a number of playing pitches on some of their land to the south of its main campus.

The pitches will be used by Kenilworth School pupils after it was revealed that their move to a new site in Glasshouse Lane would mean children having access to fewer pitches than was currently the case something which was against Sport England policies.

At last week's executive meeting (Wednesday December 18) of Warwick District Council councillors agreed to a number of recommendations including one allowing the detailed negotiations with university bosses for the land to the north of Cryfield Grange Road.

Cllr John Cooke (Con Kenilworth Abbey and Arden) explained to councillors at the meeting, and also at the finance and audit scrutiny committee the previous evening, that the decision was linked to a number of planning applications concerning developments to the east of Kenilworth.

He said: “There are a load of balls in the air and they all have to fall into place. With a lot of them there are risks concerned but in order to get the job done then these things have had to happen.

“We are going to have to pull some rabbits out of hats to get some of these schemes done.”

A report before councillors explained that there were ramifications if the playing pitch issue was not dealt with.

It said: “The playing pitch issue, if not satisfactorily resolved, has the potential to significantly impact upon Kenilworth School’s ability to fund their relocation as they would be unlikely to achieve the necessary land receipt for the sale of their existing land.

“This would then impact upon the delivery of the comprehensive development of land east of Kenilworth and also the delivery of local plan housing allocations.”

The report went on to explain that this concerned the council because it had agreed significant loan facilities to the school, had agreed to purchase the Rouncil Lane site and was starting valuation and survey work ahead of preparing an offer for the school’s Leyes Lane site.

It went on: “Therefore any issue that risks the delivery of housing and the school relocation could have major financial implications to the authority.”

Leyes Lane would be the third potential housing site bought by Warwick District Council as it looks at an extensive house-building programme. In addition to Rouncil Lane the other site is the current Kenilworth Wardens Cricket Club.

The report adds: “The Leyes Lane site is the largest and therefore arguably has the greatest potential for the council to deliver on a range of objectives and perhaps deliver something ‘better’ or ‘different’ than the norm.”