Police officer in Warwick nearly dragged alongside suspect's car during a dramatic arrest in a supermarket car park

The driver also rammed a police car, before being pulled out of the vehicle

Sunday, 16th May 2021, 11:26 am

A police officer was nearly dragged alongside a car after officers tried to stop a suspect escaping in a supermarket car park in Warwick.

The driver also rammed the police car, causing damage to the vehicle.

He was then pulled from the car and arrested.

The damage done to the police car.

The drama happened last night (Saturday) when OPU officers spotted a cloned Seat Leon in the Tesco car park in Esmcote Road.

A police spokesperson said: "We parked our marked car behind the vehicle to prevent it leaving.

"On seeing us the driver reverse rammed our police vehicle putting a hole in the driver's door.

"The driver attempted to drive off whilst an officer was leaning Into the vehicle.

The driver was eventually pulled from the car.

"The driver had to be removed from the car by force to prevent the officer being dragged along with the car."

It turn out that the driver was wanted on recall to prison and is disqualified from driving.

"The driver has been arrested and after a quick check over in hospital is now in police custody," said Warwickshire Police.