Leamington man sent to young offenders institute after being caught interfering with cars in Kenilworth

Sam Joseph Ogden
Sam Joseph Ogden

A Leamington man has been sent to a young offenders institute or 12 weeks after being caught interfering with cars in Kenilworth.

Sam Joseph Ogden, 20, of Binswood Avenue, was detained by a member of the public on Saturday evening.

The member of the public called the police who placed Ogden under arrest.

Appearing at Warwick Magistrates Court on Monday (30 April), Ogden pleaded guilty to two counts of interfering with a motor vehicle, and was sentenced to four weeks in prison.

He will also serve 12 weeks to run concurrently after a suspended sentence handed down to him in December 2017 was activated.

Speaking following the sentencing, Insp David Kettle of Warwickshire Police, said: "Ogden was arrested following the quick thinking of a member of the public.

"We'd like to thank them for their help.

"We have had a focus on car crime in South Warwickshire in recent months and we hope this conviction sends out a warning to others.

"Ogden was targeting unlocked vehicles to steal from; this highlights the importance of removing valuables from your vehicle and ensuring it is locked when you leave it."

Warwickshire Police offer the following advice to help people avoid falling victim to vehicle crime:

* Park in open well-lit and secure areas wherever possible

* Ensure windows, sunroof and boot are all secured and doors locked when leaving your vehicle unattended, no matter how briefly

* Take keys with you when leaving the vehicle unattended

* Remove any valuables and personal belongings from the vehicle

* Remove your sat nav and its cradle and wipe away any sucker marks (More information on sat nav security)

* Fit an alarm or immobiliser

* Activate the steering lock - whenever and wherever you park

* Have the vehicle registration number etched on each of the windows

* Postcode your vehicle stereo using an ultraviolet marker