Dozens of people caught using their mobile phone while driving in Warwickshire - in the space of just two weeks

19 of those prosecuted were HGV drivers, 22 were van drivers and 20 were car drivers

Wednesday, 3rd March 2021, 12:53 pm

A total of 61 people have been caught and prosecuted by Warwickshire Police using their mobile phone while driving in the space of just two weeks.

As part of a national campaign aimed at changing driver behaviours and highlighting the consequences, Warwickshire Police launched their own campaign between February 8-21.

Nineteen of those prosecuted were HGV drivers, 22 were van drivers and 20 were car drivers.

A van driver caught using a mobile phone on the M40 in Warwickshire in February.

Inspector Jem Mountford said “I find it shocking that so many drivers are willing to risk their life and the lives of others by using their mobile phone whilst driving.

“The results are due to a tremendous effort made by all front line officers from all departments including our Commercial Vehicle Unit, Operations Patrol Unit, Safer Neighbourhood Teams and the Special Constabulary all working together.

“Several SNT teams completed mini-operations with static officers observing traffic to see if drivers were using mobile phones whilst driving. The campaign also coincided with Operation Tramline which saw our Commercial Vehicle Unit using the Highways England owned HGV supercab on the M40 and M42 to observe driver behaviours and it was shocking to see so many drivers choosing to use a mobile phone at motorway speeds.”

Police hope that the combination of officers stopping and talking to these drivers to help educate them and six points and £200 fine will make them reconsider their behaviour.

Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe said: “These figures just go to show how important it is to continue a programme of enforcement alongside educating drivers of the dangers.

"My Road Safety Fund supports the work of the Commercial Vehicle Unit, which has made a significant contribution to detecting these offences. In just five days on motorways in Warwickshire, officers from the unit identified 49 drivers using phones illegally and were able to take action against the offenders.

“Good police work alone cannot stop dangerous driving behaviours and it will take a change in people’s attitudes to how they use the roads in the long term. Ultimately, I want us to get to a situation where road safety is everyone’s top priority.

"I will continue to seek out and support initiatives across Warwickshire which will help to bring about a change for the better in attitudes among all road users so that we reduce further the numbers of people killed or seriously injured on our roads.”

In Warwickshire, using a mobile phone whilst driving was a contributory factor in five serious collisions in 2019 and two serious collisions in 2020, according to provisional data.