Double daylight burglary near Warwick

POLICE believe two burglaries carried out in broad daylight near Warwick this week may be linked.

Warwickshire Police have issued crime prevention guidance following the two daytime burglaries on Monday in Norton Lindsey, near Hatton, and Temple Grafton, near Stratford.

In both cases the burglars forced entry to the detached houses and carried out extensive and untidy searches before stealing large quantities of jewellery, laptops and other electronic equipment from the properties.

On both occasions the owners came home to find that their homes had been ransacked.

Police are looking at the similarities between both burglaries to see if they are linked and would like to hear from anyone who saw anything suspicious during the day in both Temple Grafton and Norton Lindsey on Monday during the day time and ask them to contact the Local Investigation Team at Leamington on 415000, or they can speak to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 where the information can be given anonymously.

Meanwhile police are asking householders to make sure they do not leave keys in locks and windows in their homes, even though the door is locked. In at least one of the burglaries referred to, the burglars forced entry by breaking a window, but were then able to lean inside and using the key in the lock, were able to unlock a door to allow better access.

A police spokesman said: “Not only does this allow the burglar to have easier entry and egress to the property, sometimes allowing them to remove larger items of property than they would if they had to leave via a window, but it also looks less suspicious to anyone seeing them. Do not make it easy for a burglar to enter your home.”