Could these new Kenilworth houses increase flood risks?

A divisive plan to build three new houses on Inchbrook Road has received strong criticism from nearby residents due to possible flood risks.

Tuesday, 12th July 2016, 5:27 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th July 2016, 6:37 pm
The approximate location of the three new houses off Inchbrook Road. Copyright: Google Earth

5 Inchbrook Road, which is very close to nearby Highland Road, could be demolished to make way for the houses if the plans go ahead.

And Warwick District Council’s planning committee has been recommended to approve the plans on Tuesday July 19.

But the council has received a torrent of objections to the plans, including from Kenilworth Town Council, with the biggest concerns being the possible increased flood risks.

Inchbrook and Highland Road are very close to Finham Brook and Canley Brook which flows from Warwick University, meaning the risk of flooding is already high.

The proposed location of the houses is just outside the Environment Agency’s flood risk line, but some residents believe the plans are still too irresponsible.

Speaking on behalf of several residents on both roads, Vic Lewis said: “There is a need for a flood assessment as the flood plain adjoins the site, and is critical to the area.

“The impact of a new dwelling under current calculations will increase the flood risk further down stream without doubt.”

The town council also felt a full flood risk assessment is needed because of how close the houses would be to the rivers.

However, the district council’s community protection department thinks the installation of an urban drainage system would prevent the need for a full assessment.

Other concerns raised included the apparent unsuitability of the planned houses compared to nearby properties.

The town council said the houses would be ‘shoehorned’ into the space and the houses ‘do not respect the existing style’ of the street.

The applicants have said the three houses would address Warwick district’s housing supply issues and none of the houses fall within the flood risk area.