Closed Wroxall Abbey Hotel has entered administration

Wroxall Abbey Hotel and Estate
Wroxall Abbey Hotel and Estate

The popular wedding venue, Wroxall Abbey Hotel and Estate, has gone into liquidation and appointed a Birmingham company to serve as its administrators.

The business released a statement through social media over the weekend, which included how another hotel company, called Signature Living, had reportedly taken Wroxall Abbey Hotel and Estate over in August.

The statement said Signature Living, a Liverpool based hotel company, took over the operations, reservations and suppliers for the Wroxall Abbey Hotel and Estate.

Wroxall Abbey Estate Ltd relinquished its lease and ceased trading on that date in August when Signature Living took over the hotel.

The statement also said Wroxall Abbey entered the liquidation process and subsequently appointed Begbie-Traynor, in Birmingham, as administrators for the company.

The statement said Wroxall Abbey Hotel "management and staff were welcomed into the Signature Living team and paid by them."

The statement also added: "Much to the surprise of all staff and customers, Signature Living closed the business without prior notice on Monday October 7. Staff were stunned by their immediate dismissal.

"Management and staff want to thank all past guests for their support and say how very sorry they are for all customers impacted by this unexpected closure.

"However, they have had no access to information on bookings or customers, but understood that Signature Living would be contacting them.

The closure has left numerous couples without a venue for their pre-booked weddings.

One of those couples included, James Jones and his fiancée, Natalie Coley, who were due to get married at the Wroxall Abbey Hotel and Estate on December 23. But they pushed the date back after recently going through the process of buying house.

James Jones and his fiancée, Natalie Coley, were due to get married at the Wroxall Abbey Hotel and Estate on December 23. But they pushed the date back after recently going through the process of buying house.

James, who is from Marston Green near Solihull, recently went to estate to make arrangements for their wedding but found the property deserted.

An official with the UK Insolvency Service told the KWN a petition has been filed by HM Revenue and Customs against the hotel in an effort to recover money owed.

The apparent closure has left James and his fiancee frustrated and disappointed they can no longer wed at Wroxall Abbey.

He added: “A friend of ours got married there a couple of years back and we went to the wedding, and it was just brilliant. The drive-up was just stunning, and the staff were great. It just ticked every box. It was exactly what we wanted.”

Officials with the insolvency service said a hearing on the petition has been set for November 13 at the High Court of Justice.

James said: “We are now without a venue and are beginning our search again. It is the singe biggest part of the whole wedding thing. It's going to be a long hard journey now to do this again.”

While frustrated by the closure James hopes by sharing what's happened to them other people who planned weddings at the venue will find out about the closure of the hotel.

He added: “We haven't heard a thing from Wroxall. There's been no explanation as to what's happened.

“We also want to ensure that people know that this has happened, as there are likely people that still do not know. We also feel for those couples who have truly lost their money.”

James is hopeful they will be able to recover their deposit for the wedding booking as he put on his credit card.

He added: “We have paid a four-figure sum upfront already. We may well get it back, as I paid for it on a credit card and already it paid off. Anything over a certain amount I will put on a card for a form of insurance, as I would with a holiday for example.”