CAB offers debt advice to shoppers for Christmas

WARWICK district’s Citizens Advice Bureau is offering advice to people to help them stay out of debt after Christmas.

Christmas is notoriously a time when people can run up large credit card bills and take out loans they can not afford to pay back.

The CAB is giving tips to help people stay out of the red and to control their spending.

These include budgeting for each person they are shopping for, remembering that bills such as rent, utilities, grocery shopping and existing debts still have to be paid and not taking out overdrafts without discussing it with the bank first.

The bureau is also encouraging people to pay for goods outright whenever possible rather than by taking out credit agreements and to shop around for the best price for items.

Also, people are being advised not to buy from unauthorised traders or to borrow from unauthorised lendersand to check for hidden extras in any credit agreement.

Moneym Money Money courses, run by the CAB, can help people with budgeting.

For more information on managing money and dealing with debt call 457907 or visit the CAB’s advice website