Warwick driving UK economy into fast lane

Busy Warwick town centre
Busy Warwick town centre

Warwick has made the top ten in three economic growth charts produced by commercial property consultants who have studied the nation as a whole.

In terms of productivity, entrepreneurship and levels of education, Warwick scored highly in this year’s UK Vitality Index produced by Lambert Smith Hampton.

And while London commuter towns like Guildford and St Albans score highly, all the indications are that towns like Warwick are matching them in the drive towards regional economic recovery.

Nobody is more heartened by the findings than Cllr Andrew Mobbs, the new leader of Warwick District Council.

On Tuesday Cllr Mobbs said: “I’m delighted that Warwick has done so well in the UK Vitality Index, including the most productive and most entrepreneurial.

“The town is steeped in history, charm and character but has risen to the changing demands of society with modern twists, provided by new and old businesses alike.”

Cllr Mobbs added: “With a struggling economy, ageing society and an ever developing multi-channel world, we need to ensure that Warwick meets the needs of its residents, businesses and visitors and we recognise when changes need to be made.”

On a most highly educated index, based on GCSE results, Edinburgh and Guildford share top outcomes but Warwick ties with Reading and York in third place.

The town is also ranked eighth - alongside Guildford and St Albans - for its combination of business density, business registrations and gross value added output, all helping to provide the best environment for new company start-ups.

Finally, it is named in a “most productive” index identifying towns and cities with the best economies. Aberdeen is among the top but Warwick is again ranked eighth, alongside Guildford and St Albans.