New app will bring fun for families and firms


​A revolutionary app conceived in Leamington is making family sightseeing trips and company training days extra fun for all.

Sighter – the brainwave of video gamemaker Attila Szalo – encourages visitors and employees to track down and photograph a trail of sights – “the treasure” – in an enthralling game played out on their mobile phones.

Attila, who helped create the multi-million pound hit video game Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising at Codemasters, said: “I came up with the idea on my way to work one day. I found a statue behind a hedge and took a photo of it with my phone.

“I thought it would be great if other people locally could find it. This triggered the idea of using photo-sharing in a location-based treasure hunt game app.”

Attila moved back to his home city of Budapest in Hungary to create Sighter with fellow ace coder Krisztian Kusper, who previously developed the iGo navigation system, now used by around 20 million people globally.

Krisztian said: “It has taken several years and significant investment to develop this app, but now Sighter is up and running and beginning to be adopted around the world.”

The system is also ideal for company training days and was recently used by mobile phone giant Vodafone for a major staff event.

Attila said: “It is very exciting,”