Landlords get advice on energy saving

Landlords who attended the recent Landlord and Letting Show at Stoneleigh Park learned from the RLA Energy Saving Team how the law governing minimum energy efficiency standards for private rented homes is soon changing.

The landlords also had the chance to learn from experts about all types of insulation measures and the impact they will have against damp, mould, condensation and draughts. There was free advice and help to make the 15.5% of all West Midlands homes which are rented out privately meet the new laws.

According to recent research by the Chartered Institute for Housing it’s thought that some 40% of these privately rented homes are unlikely to meet modern energy efficiency standards.

The best bit is, that in many cases, the work required to bring these properties up to standard can all be done at no cost to either the landlord or the tenant. This is made possible using a government scheme called ECO (the Energy Company Obligation), a fund into which all energy companies must contribute to find ways of reducing carbon emissions amongst UK energy users.

A great way of achieving this is through cavity wall and loft insulation, which, using ECO funding could provide insulation worth up to £3,500 per property.

Landlords can be put off installing such measures due both to the financial outlay and arranging suitable contractors, but, with RLA Energy Saving doing all the leg work including site surveys, tenant liaison, funding paperwork, and installations, more rented homes could be a lot warmer this winter.

It is a fact that tenants appreciate more comfortable, warmer homes and, importantly, with a staggering 60% of all heat lost through poor insulation in the average home, lower bills.

A warm tenant is generally a happy tenant and usually one who pays their rent.

Replacement boilers may also be available, but, to safeguard your property, ahead of the new laws, and before next year’s general election when changes to ECO are anticipated, it’s worth acting sooner rather than later.

Andrew Goodacre, chief executive of the RLA said, “I would urge landlords to act, the law is rightly changing, and, improved energy efficiency is a win win. We are one of the sector’s largest landlord associations and, the launch of the RLA Energy Saving scheme into members’ properties ahead of the new legislation is a great additional service.

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