Hotel offers ‘Thinkpods’ to business people on the move

Hilton Warwick
Hilton Warwick

Regus, the workspace provider, has opened an Express Hub with “Thinkpods” at the Hilton Warwick/Stratford at junction 15 of the M40.

It offers local firms and people working on the move a working environment that suits their ever-more flexible working lifestyles.

This is the first time that a Regus Express has been opened in a hotel and it brings a new dimension to the Hilton’s existing range of meeting and conference facilities. The site will feature a drop-in business lounge with individual workstations called Thinkpods, comfy seats with laptop stands and phone chargers, as well as free, secure Wi-Fi.

Additionally, a suite of high specification meeting rooms seating two to four people will be available to book by the hour.

Demand for “third place’” work locations is growing steadily, driven by increasing mobility and the rise of remote, flexible and multi-location working.

Research from Regus shows that 40 per cent of UK workers spend at least 2.5 days per week working outside their main office. Similarly, a third of UK employers are offering their staff more flexible working options.

Technology makes it possible to ‘work anywhere’, yet most people prefer an office-style environment to remain productive, motivated and disciplined.

Users of Regus Express at Hilton Warwick/ Stratford will include hotel guests; motorists dropping in; local and national businesses using the convenient motorway location as a meeting point; and local home-workers seeking a refreshing alternative to working from home.

Phil Kemp, global head of Third Place at Regus, said: “We are confident that this latest site will prove popular with business travellers and local firms alike.”

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