Burglars target Kenilworth over last few days

Police are appealing for witnesses to the attempted robbery
Police are appealing for witnesses to the attempted robbery

Burglars have been active in Kenilworth once again over the last few days, a neighbourhood watch group has confirmed.

On Thursday November 2 at some point before 8.20am, offenders broke into a home under renovation in Abbey Hill and stole copper piping and five double panelled radiators. This is incident 62 of November 2

On Saturday November 4 at some point before 7.30pm, offenders broke into a home in Pencraig Close, and ransacked the dining room. Nothing appears to have been stolen. This is incident 416 of November 4.

And between 3.30 and 10pm on the same day, offenders smashed the double glazed door of a home in Leyes Lane and reached inside to turn the keys which had been left in the lock.

Once inside, the offenders carried out a search of the house before making off with two laptop computers. This is Incident 493 of November 4.

Two more incidents took place on Sunday November 5.

Between 2am and 2.30am on 5 November, offenders threw a rock at the rear door of a home in High Street, causing panes of glass to smash and damage to the blinds inside. The offenders failed to get inside the house and nothing was stolen. This is incident 190 of November 5.

And at some point before 7.30pm on November 5, offenders removed a panel from the rear door of a home in Pencraig Close. Nothing was stolen. This is incident 362 of November 5.

A spokesperson for Kenilworth Watch said: "It's really difficult for householders as they cannot make their homes a fortress and the cost of taking certain types of additional security measures means people simply cannot afford it.

"However, what we do advise is that everyone steps back and looks at what they do in and around their home. We suggest people ask themselves 'Is what I am doing making things easy for someone who has ill intent and would like to gain access to my home to steal things?'"

Anyone who has any information about these incidents should call Warwickshire Police on 101, quoting the relevant incident number.