Asbestos and glass in cheap cigarette deals


Rats’ droppings, ground glass and asbestos are being found in illegal tobacco products as sales rise, warn Warwickshire officials.

Trading standards officers have warned against cut price tobacco and cigarettes describing cheap deals which look “too good to be true” being just that.

Illegal and illicit tobacco has been seized across the county in the past year, leading to the Warwickshire County Council campaign to crack down on sales.

Speaking ahead of No Tobacco Day on May 31, Cllr Les Caborn, Portfolio Holder for Health said: “People are often unaware that the illegal cigarettes they are buying are more harmful than standard cigarettes.

“We hope this campaign will make people more aware of the dangers of illegal and illicit tobacco, especially children and teenagers who may be tempted to buy cheap cigarettes which are more accessible to them on the street.”

Illegal and illicit tobacco has been found to contain asbestos, ground glass, rat and mouse droppings, dead insects, floor sweepings, dust and hay.

Illegal tobacco isn’t regulated so contents are usually unknown.

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