Artist and Arctic adventurer from Leamington nominated for international award

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Artist and adventurer Leila Javadi has been nominated for an international award for a painting she was inspired to create during her travels.

Leila, formerly of Leamington and Trinity School and who now lives in Oxford, has had many adventures in the Alaskan Arctic in recent years in a bid to one day be the first English woman to compete in the 1,000-mile Yukon Quest dog sled race.

Leila Javadi

Leila Javadi

Her painting of a herd of Alaskan caribou called Impermanence has been put forward for the International Wildlife Artist of the Year 2019 award at the Mall Galleries in London.

Leila, who also attended Warwickshire College, said: “‘I feel so honoured to receive the nomination and I am very excited to see one of my paintings in a gallery in London.

“The first gallery exhibit I did, aside from at the end of school years was in the Old Leamington Library.

“I was so nervous to show them.

“It takes alot of gentle encouragement to convince a young person to exhibit.

“My family, my friends and school teachers had helped me so much along the way.

“On reflection the support I received was absolutely fantastic from people who believed in me and encouraged me to believe in myself.

“The school even subsidised the 6th form art trip to Germany when family money was tight to ensure I had the same opportunities as everyone else.

“I would like to thank them and share this news with them.

“The influence of a teacher extends beyond the classroom.”

Recently, Leila and her friend David McGee, 57, and from Leamington, completed the 150k Rovaniemi 150 Arctic winter race in Lapland.

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