Appeal to help Leamington cancer survivor to have IVF treatment

Anna Withers and Tracy Kirrage
Anna Withers and Tracy Kirrage

Friends and well wishers of a Leamington woman are making donations to help her receive fertility treatment after her battle against cervical cancer has made it difficult for her to have children naturally.

And Tracy Kirrage, 37, has said that if the online appeal on the Justgiving website leads to her having a baby it would be “a dream come true” for her and her fiancé Ashley Keatley, who is also from Leamington and with whom she now lives in Rugby.

Tracy Kirrage and her fiance Ashley Keatley.

Tracy Kirrage and her fiance Ashley Keatley.

The appeal was set up recently by Tracy’s close friend of 20 years Anna Withers and has raised almost £1,000 so far.

Tracy said: “When I found out about the appeal it made me feel very emotional and really privileged to have such an amazing friend who would do something like that for me.

“Over the last 20 years Anna is the one person who has been through everything with me - she’s my rock and will always go the extra mile to try to help me.

“To have a baby would be like a dream come true for Ashley and I.

“I have a nephew who I adore and we love children so to have one of our own would be a miracle for us.”

Tracy was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2009 and was told then that, due to her treatment, it could be hard for her to have children in the future.

She has been in remission for about seven years but still has to have annual checks to ensure the cancer has not come back.

She is on the NHS waiting list for IVF but it could take two years before she can start a course with the health service generally only supporting treatment for women up to the age of 42.

The Justgiving appeal is aiming to raise up to £5,000 towards one course of private IVF treatment which could commence in a matter of months.

Anna said: “I have been friends with Tracy for a very long time and been there through some tough times.

“This appeal has become even more important to me since becoming a mummy myself recently and Tracy deserves to become one too and share all the love she has with a little one.

“Tracy has spent many years fundraising for both Jo’s Trust and Cancer Research and now I would like to try and help her and Ashley if I can.”

Tracy is encouraging women to have their smear test and is hoping the appeal will also raise awareness of cervical cancer.

To find the Justgiving page online and to make a donation click here.