Air Ambulance Service needs volunteers for new Leamington and Warwick volunteer supporter group

Air Ambulance Service Volunteers Tony and Barbara Barnacle.
Air Ambulance Service Volunteers Tony and Barbara Barnacle.

The Air Ambulance Service is forming a new volunteer supporter group for Leamington and Warwick and is looking for people aged 16 and over to join.

Audley Binswood Retirement Village in Binswood Avenue, Leamington, has agreed to host the group’s monthly meetings with the first taking place on Wednesday October 1 from 6.30pm to 8pm.

The open meeting, which falls on the charity’s 12th anniversary, will be for interested individuals to come and find out more in an informal setting where they can talk to some existing volunteers and meet some of the team. Jo Payne, national volunteering manager for the charity, said: “I initially started as a volunteer with the Charity back in 2002, and we worked really hard to raise enough money to start flying just ten months later, October 2003. I was at the Base for that first day, and couldn’t believe how quickly the first call came in, at around 8.30am for a Horse rider that had fallen and had a severely broken leg, in a remote area of Warwickshire. “I knew then I was part of something extraordinary, and have never looked back. In different roles I have met many of our patients, and you only need to look into their eyes, or of their loved ones to know, just how thankful they are to be alive or to have their loved one safe. It is truly very humbling, and makes you all the more determined to succeed in raising money.

“We can’t do this without the huge efforts of our volunteers in the community and in our shops and we need more volunteers, so that we can continue to provide this region with the service it has come to rely on, seven days a week. We have lots of fun with our Fundraising so invite everyone to come along and get involved. Companies too can donate ours to us as there are many ways their staff can help us with their time and skills.”

The charity is looking for people with enthusiasm and energy to give some of their spare time - even a couple of hours a week can help.

For more information call 0845 413 0999.