Age UK diverts 700 tonnes of waste from landfill in Warwickshire this year

Around 700 tonnes of waste has been saved from landfill by Warwickshire County Council and Age UK over the past year.

The charity won the contract to run the eight shops and two recycling centres across the county - including the one at Prince’s Drive in Leamington - last year.

When people visit the tip, their unwanted items go to the shops instead of to landfill - and since Age UK took over the running of the sites, some 700 tonnes of waste has been diverted, saving council taxpayers in Warwickshire £75,000 in landfill tax and landfill gate fees.

More than 25 full time staff are employed across the sites, along with 49 volunteers.

Elizabeth Phillips, chief executive of Age UK Warwickshire, said: “This is a highly successful partnership, with positives on all sides. Older people in Warwickshire have vital services maintained through funds raised from the sale of donated goods, while we are all contributing to the wider environment by recycling.”

County councillor Jeff Clarke, responsible for policy on the environment, said: “The partnership has achieved so much and we are delighted with how successful it has been.”