Still time to object to castle plan

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I wonder if other people are feeling so overwhelmed with the pressures on our lovely Warwick at the moment: thousands of new homes, the takeover of St Mary’s Lands, travellers’ campsites and now the development on the castle site.

This castle area is in a Grade 1 status landscape. There are not a lot in England of the same importance.

We all know that once permanent structures, even wooden buildings, are built the land is so very seldom put back to the way it was and it seems this is only the first part of an even more ambitious plan.

From the planning notice (Merlin planning application W/14/1293) at the Stratford Road castle entrance we have only until October 1 to get in letters of objection.

If this goes through I feel that no other site in our country will be safe from such wholesale development.

Claire Harris, via email