Powerless to stop destruction of our village

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The town of Whitnash has just been robbed of its historic Brook Valley area which has always been part of Whitnash. How would Kenilworth feel if Abbey Fields was suddenly under the jurisdiction of Coventry or Warwick’s St Nicholas Park was awarded to Stratford?

The residents of Whitnash have made their feelings known about preserving this area with its Holy Well and nature reserve as an amenity for future generations of the town but we have once again been ignored. Where is the logic in this decision?

We now have no powers to prevent building sprawl from destroying part of our history.

In the past all the Whitnash estate was taken to build the council estate, they then took the first part of Sydenham at the back of Campion school, they propose a Gypsy and traveller site in Whitnash and now this.

As a rate payer I would ask what is Warwick District Council doing for Whitnash because to me it is not a lot.

I am a member of the steering committee trying to put together Whitnash’s Neighbourhood Plan for the town’s future.

How can Whitnash have a sustainable future when our boundaries are slowly being eroded?

Anne Steele, Landor Road, Whitnash