Losing a precious resource

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I am one of many local people who have been asked to look through the bones of Bath Place equipment that is stored in two large containers. We have been asked to take what we think we could use at our various local community groups as it is obviously not needed for the Bath Place community venture anymore.

This is a very sad time. I like others would rather the stored equipment was waiting to go into the newly built Bath Place. Unfortunately the elected few simply do not listen to the people’s opinion let alone bother to meet the people in need who would have benefited from Bath Place returning to its community. Why are those in power so far removed from the good that can and is being done in and around our communities and streets. Losing Bath Place is such a blow, a wonderful resource so many have relied on over the years.

I search through what I may use for a worthy local cause and I cannot help feel guilt and sadness especially when I come across pictures documenting the people and history of Bath Place. This now will be gone, confined to the history books. I’m sure those elected few members who would not pass the proposal of rebuilding Bath Place enjoy what ever money-spinning new-build goes up in it’s place.

What they need to realise, to see, to know and to love is, people are far more precious than profit.

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