Young Warwick volunteers might save a life

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A new St John Ambulance cadet unit is being launched in Warwick to offer young people the chance to learn potentially life-saving skills.

The new group will meet on Tuesdays at WarwickSpace, the former community centre in Coten End which is now managed by a group of local people.

Cadet volunteers aged between ten and 17 will be offered first aid training and can work towards qualifications which include not only basic care for minor injuries but also resuscitation techniques as they gain more experience.

Roy Jarratt, the charity’s volunteer recruitment co-ordinator, said: “Being a cadet gives you life experience that colleges, universities and employers all look for.

“Being part of St John Ambulance shows you have commitment and responsibility to your community and you will also learn vital life saving skills.”

One of the more successful local volunteers is 15-year-old Courtney Bishop, who was chosen as Cadet of the Year for the Southern district.

Courtney said: “The best part about St John is that you always meet new people, always have new opportunities and you also get new achievements to accomplish. If someone needs your help, you know what to do because you’ve got the experience.”

For more information contact Mr Jarratt on 0121 236 6660 or email

* Warwick Ambulance Association - which split from St John last year - also offer training and support at local festivals and castle concerts.