Warwick shop gets drinks licence

Part of West Street, Warwick
Part of West Street, Warwick

Neighbours in a Warwick street say they did not receive sufficient notice of a licensing application for a bar with live music that might open across the road from them.

Just before Christmas, Ian Downie, who lives in West Street, spotted a notice in the window of an empty shop applying for it to be turned into a bar open seven nights a week.

He’s since learned applicant Thomas Douglas wants to offer live music- although for that he would need a separate licence.

Mr Downie didn’t like the idea of such a dramatic change of use and lodged an objection.

But because his objection arrived a few hours past the official 28 day notice period, it was not taken into consideration. On Tuesday, Mr Downie said: “I’ve been told nobody has objected but, after speaking to my neighbours, I know there are some who certainly would have done. They just didn’t see the notice.

“I believe this is the wrong site for a bar on the grounds of the noise nuisance, potential anti-social behaviour, increased parking problems, litter and the unsuitability of such a place on a residential street.”

The police made no objections and so Mr Douglas has now been granted a licence to sell alcohol at 12 West Street. He will also need entertainment and change of use consent. A council spokeswoman said: “The 28 days started on December 5 2013 and so the last day for objections was midnight on January 1.

“We have no discretion as to whether a licence is granted or not - it would have also been advertised in the local media.”