Video: Daredevil dog “thinks he’s a cat”

Chip the Border Collie cross
Chip the Border Collie cross
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A tree-climbing dog who acts more like a cat is looking for a new home a month after being rescued in Kenilworth.

Chip, who stunned staff at Dogs Trust when he first leapt up a tree, regularly clambering along branches to show off his climbing skills.

The young Border Collie cross was brought to the rehoming centre at Honiley a month ago and staff are now eager to get the agile pooch out to a loving home.

Jane Hirons from the centre said: “We were shocked when Chip first leapt into a tree and started climbing up it like a cat, but he loves it.

“He is surprisingly agile for a quite a big dog and it’s really impressive to see how well he manages.

“If it was up to him he would keep on climbing but we keep a careful eye on him and don’t let him climb too high, he is a bit of a daredevil and though he seems to think he is a cat, we are not sure he would land on his feet.”

Chip the Border Collie cross

Chip the Border Collie cross

Staff think Chip is between three and five-years-old and hope to rehouse him where he will have access to plenty of outdoor space to keep climbing.

To help, or for information on other dogs at the centre, contact the team on 0300 303 0292 or visit Dogs Trust