‘Harassment of OAP is a scandal’

Jenny Morgan
Jenny Morgan

Ten district councillors have signed a letter to Warwick District Council’s chief executive asking that an eight-year-long tax benefit case against a Lapworth woman is dropped.

Pensioner Jenny Morgan, whose health has deteriorated over the years, has won tribunals ruling that she does not owe £13,000 being claimed back by the district council.

But appeals have been repeatedly lodged on behalf of the district council. Some have been won, others lost or resulted in split decisions.

Kenilworth Cllr Ann Blacklock (Lib Dem, Abbey End) has sent a letter to Chris Elliott asking him not to continue to pursue another tribunal hearing against Mrs Morgan. She said: “This case does not reflect well on the council - surely there is another way out?”

Nine other councillors have added their names to her personal letter although many have asked not to be named.

Cllr Blacklock said: “What I can say is that I have cross-party support for my actions. All of us feel this case has gone on too long and cost too much money with still no end in sight.”

Barrister Alan Murdie, who edits the nationally used Council Tax Handbook, has also been following Mrs Morgan’s case and been far more outspoken on the subject.

He told the Courier: “This case is a scandal. What is happening to Jenny Morgan is one of the worst cases I have come across in the last 15 years. There should be an external investigation into the council’s use of bankruptcy and the issuing of bills to establish where all the money spent is ultimately going.”