Police invoke new travellers’ strategy at Warwick Gates

Gypsy camp at Spartan Close, Warwick Gates
Gypsy camp at Spartan Close, Warwick Gates

Under new police powers travellers who took over an illegal site at Warwick Gates two weeks ago were moved off within 36 hours, rather than the usual two or three weeks.

PC Wendy Burrows of the Safer Neighbourhood Team said officers visited the land off Delphi Close and Spartan Close last Thursday when the travellers told them strong metal gates which had blocked the site were already damaged before they arrived.

By Friday the district council had offered the travellers’ alternative accommodation some five miles away, which they were taken to view.

But they declined the new site and were then formally told they must leave the county for three months.

PC Burrows said: “The travellers were given three choices - move to the alternative site, get out of Wariwckshire and do not return for three months, or Section 62 would be invoked leading to arrests being made and caravans and vehicles towed away.

“As this was a new situation for all parties, negotiations were held between ourselves, the district council and the travellers. After friendly negotiations the travellers moved out without trouble.”