Myton’s project to lower carbon footprint

An energy-saving group of pupils from Myton School have been personally congratulated on their campaign towards winning a Green Flag “eco” award.

The eight-strong group, aged between 11 and 16, identified issues both at school and in the workplace and came up a strategy that involved ensuring all computer stand-by lights were switched off at night, all printers used both sides of the paper and existing recycling was stepped up to a far higher level.

As part of the Confederation of Business Industries (CBI’s) Business in the Classroom initiative, the group was also invited to spend a day at the local headquarters of Calor, to see how professional teams work together to solve environmental problems in a long-term workplace situation.

Stephen Rennie, the managing director of Calor, was full of admiration for the strategies that have since been adopted at Myton.

He presented each member of the group with a certificate they can add to their personal records of achievement and told them: “Strong academic knowledge is vital but, equally important, is the possession of transferable, employability skills.

“These students have had to manage their time effectively, work in a team, problem solve and be influential in order to succeed in this task. These are skills which will be invaluable once they start their professional careers.”

Warwick and Leamington MP Chris White also congratulated the students and the company, while headteacher Paul MacIntyre admitted: “This has been a great adventure.

“Students have developed their employability skills, business awareness and team working.

“Real-life projects are recognised internationally as a great way to improve learning and our partnership with Calor has been extremely successful.”

Eva Foster, the business enterprise teacher who worked across all the year groups, said: “The students presented their ideas and findings to a Calor panel which the business will look to implement into their own Save a Tonne campaign.

“This has been an eight-month-long project to reduce our carbon footprint with the students reminding not only fellow students but staff to become more mindful of saving energy.”

“They will continue the initiaitve into the next academic year when the school will apply for the Eco Schools Green Flag award which will be a difficult challenge.”

n The CBI’s Business in the Classroom initiative encourages businesses to work one-on-one with schools around the West Midlands region.