Parish councillor joins MP at Westminister

Warwick and Leamington MP Chris White, along with Bishops Tachbrook parish councillor Ray Bullen were at Westminster on Wednesday to discuss the controversial Local Plan.

There have been some 3,000 objections to district council proposals to build 12,300 new homes over the next 15 to 20 years.

Many will be in garden suburbs. Like the plans for 900 homes plus a school and new community facilities already being discussed for 144 acres between Europa Way and Banbury Road.

Northamptonshire-based Barwood Strategic Land is already canvassing local opinion although no formal application has yet been submitted.

Wednesday’s meeting was between Mr White, Mr Bullen and Nick Boles, MP, the Government’s planning and junior minister in the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Mr White, who has long registered his own objections to the draft Local Plan, asked Mr Bullen to join him because of the parish councillor’s expertise on housing.

Before retirement he worked as an architect for Coventry City Council.

Mr Bullen has also produced his own professional research suggesting only half the proposed number of homes are needed.

And he has particularly taken on district planners over the requirements of the next five years for which he firmly believes enough land is already available without having to buy up more farmland.

Mr White believes he made a strong case and that the district already has very close to enough sites available for housing up to 2019.

But district planners have challenged Mr Bullen’s statistics on expected population growth and demand for homes in Warwick and south of Leamington.

The minister listened carefully to Mr White and Mr Bullen although he was not expected to reach any immediate conclusion.

Mr White hopes to hear from him shortly.




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