Home CCTV images hold key to suspected thieves’ identity

Closed circuit image of suspects stealing the Aprillia motorbike from the garage in Edmondes Close on the Woodloes Estate.

Closed circuit image of suspects stealing the Aprillia motorbike from the garage in Edmondes Close on the Woodloes Estate.

A HOME-INSTALLED closed circuit camera captured this image of two suspects apparently stealing a motorbike from the garage of a home in Warwick’s Woodloes Estate last month.

Stolen on September 20, it is the second of two motorcycles stolen - along with a brand new mountain bike - from properties in Edmondes Close in recent weeks.

Police have stepped up extra night patrols on the estate in a bid to catch the offenders.

Pc Trent McMurray said: “In the past two months we have had reports of 13 cars and motorbikes being stolen from different locations in the town.

“We have stepped up patrols and things seem to have calmed down in the past week - but we are still anxious to speak to anyone who might be able to identify the people on this image.”

The owner of two of the motorbikes stolen, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “I can see that bolt croppers were used to cut the chains on my black Aprilia motorbike, which was my main mode of transport to get to work.

“I think the same local gang is responsible for all the thefts in this road and the surrounding area.

“There is a mentality that these sort of crimes hurt no one as the insurance will pay. But most people have an excess on their policy and so when you claim you never get back the full price of what the stolen goods cost.

“What’s more, when you come to renew your policy the next year, your premium is guaranteed to go up as the insurance company has to recover the money they’ve lost. In my case as well as my bike insurance going up, my car insurance goes up too because I’ve had to make a claim.”

He added: “I’m not a rich man by any means, I worked hard for what I had. But all the effort I put into maintaining older bikes goes to waste and then I have to go out and buy not only another bike - which could be stolen again - but spend even more money on security devices like a CCTV camera.

“So much for a victimless crime.”

The bike owner is convinced there is a gang of young Woodloes-based “kids” responsible for the spate of thefts. Neighbours have told him they may be part of a gang allegedly calling itself the “CV34 Crew.”

Anyone who recognises the faces on the image should ring Pc McMurray on 684363 or contact Crimestoppers, where information can be left anonymously and rewards are paid if offenders are apprehended.

The motorbike thefts have been given the crime number S-12-10417 and the Crimestoppers number is 0800 555 111.


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