Eagle has landed but whose is it?

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editorial image

Eagle-eyed Warwick resident Ruggy Singh spotted this bird of prey perched on a porch in Sydenham and helped to have it returned to its owner.

Mr Singh took photos of the bird when it landed near his father’s house in Saint Brides Close last Thursday and he also contacted the RSPB.

He was told it was able to hunt animals the size of a Labrador due to its sharp talons and impressive flying power.

It was later caught by a falconer, who contacted staff at Arden Falconry at Hatton Adventure Farm to see if they could care for the owl until the owner was found.

Hatton’s Danielle Shearsby from Leamington, who collected the owl, said: “The bird was healthy and it had obviously been trained, but it didn’t have any ownership rings on it.

“I contacted the Independent Bird Registry (IBR) to report the incident and it has now posted the details on their website.

“It is currently staying in one of our aviaries and we will care for it until its owner gets in touch with us.”

The bird has now been returned to its owner after they contacted Arden lst week.

Hatton has its own eagle owl, Doogle, who is who is 15 years old and a favourite for visitors to the farm park.

Anyone who has any information can contact Hatton Adventure Farm 01926 843411





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