Controversial Warwick crossing gets the green light

Despite strong opposition from town councillors, members of the county council’s cabinet have stood by their officers’ recommendation on the site of a road crossing in.

The new pedestrian crossing for High Street/Jury Street in Warwick will be located close to the Swan Street junction.

The “Puffin” style crossing with traffic lights will be especially useful for blind and partially-sighted people.

Work is due to start on its installation, along with repairs to what county officers admit was a poorly resurfaced road, on January 6.

Official notices for the closure of both sides of High Street/Jury Street were posted last month.

The intention is that contractors will try to get the work done within two weeks, but have to allow for bad weather.

Town councillors made a strong case for having an ordinary zebra crossing closer to the Church Street junction to encourage castle visitors into the town.

But this was ruled to be technically too close to the junction under road safety guidelines.

Earlier this year guide dog users were threatening to take the county council to court after the removal of the original zebra crossing.

They said the four “shared platforms” on the long road turned the town centre into a “no-go” area for them.

Three of the existing raised platforms, without control lights, will remain.

Town clerk Derek Maudlin said: “We are disappointed because this new crossing is not located to serve the needs of the visitor economy.

“The county council has had over three years to examine the position of a crossing at the Church Street and Castle Street junctions .

“At least the officers have given an undertaking to continue to investigate issues raised such as no right turn out of Church Street or from High Street into Castle Street.”

James Mackay, chairman of the Warwick Society said: “This decision reinforces the domination of Warwick’s High Street by the car.”




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