Another great set of results for south Warwickshire schools with this year’s GCSEs

MHLC-22-08-13 GCSEs Myton Aug63' Myton School students celebrating their GCSE results .
MHLC-22-08-13 GCSEs Myton Aug63' Myton School students celebrating their GCSE results .

Students across south Warwickshire did schools proud for the second week running, as last week’s excellent A-level results were followed by a strong set of GCSE results, which were revealed this morning (Thursday).

Staff and students at Southam College are celebrating an unprecedented set of GCSE results with 89 per cent of students achieving five A* to C grades including maths and English. This is an increase of nine per cent on last year’s record-breaking results.

Assistant headteacher Mel Mason said: “These results are exceptional and all staff, students and parents should rightly celebrate them. I would like to particularly highlight the performance of the English and mathematics departments, where students achieved 93 per cent A* to C and 90 per cent A* to C respectively. In maths, 32 per cent of students achieved A*or A grades.”

Individual student highlights include Emily Edwards and Abigail Ognjanovic, who both gained nine A*s and four As, Jodie Gaskins, who gained eight A*s and four As, Joe Webster, with five A*s and seven As and Sam Matwiejew and Ollie Neal, who both gained four A*s and seven As.

Students at Myton School in Warwick have achieved their best ever results, breaking all previous records, with more than 75 per cent achieving five A* to C grades including English and maths and 95 per cent achieving five A* to C grades, 99 per cent achieving five A* to G and 33 per cent gained at least five A* and A grades. Outstanding individual achievements include Catherine Cibulskis, who gained 12 A*s and an A, Tom Morgan, who gained nine A*s and four As, Kingsley Hunt, who gained nine A*s and two As and Ellie Hunt, who achieved seven A*s, three As and one A.

Headteacher Paul MacIntyre said: “I would like to congratulate the students, their teachers and supportive parents and carers on working together to achieve such exceptional results and to make our students’ ambitious dreams come true. It is testament to their dedication, hard work and commitment.”

North Leamington School’s GCSE results showed a continued improvement with students in almost all subjects either meeting or exceeding their challenging targets. These results included a 100 per cent pass rate for all BTEC courses.

Particularly strong this year were the results in maths and science with 76 and 84 per cent of pupils respectively achieving A*to C grades in the subjects.

Across all subjects, 87 per cent of students gained five or more grades A* to C - an increase of six per cent on last year, while 60 per cent gained five or more grades A* to C in subjects including English and maths - an increase of four per cent on last year.

Exceptional individual performances included Ben Wadsworth, who gained nine A*s and one A, Nicola Bywater, who gained seven A*s and two As and Matthew Fulcher, with one A*, seven As and a B.

Headteacher Joy Mitchell said: “I‘m delighted with this year’s GCSE results, not only because of the number of individual successes that we have had for so many of our students, but also for the exceptional progress made in maths - exceeding their target by seven per cent.

At Aylesford School in Warwick headteacher Steve Hall expressed “delight” at the continued high achievement levels realised by students at the school.

He said: “Our youngsters have worked very hard for these exams and deserve their successes.”

The overall percentage pass rate at five or more A* to C grades including English and maths was 68 per cent, with further demonstrations of excellent progress across the board.

Outstanding individual achievements included Rebecca Dunn and Theo Rutter, who both gained nine A*s, Ethan Poole, who gained five A*s and four As, Seleney Akalin, with three A*s and six As, Ka Tsung Wong, with two A*s, five As and two Bs and Gemma Coton and Rieda Athar, who both gained one A*, seven As and one B.

At the independent girls school King’s High in Warwick, pupils and teachers celebrated what they described as a “galaxy” of A* and A grades again this year, which were even better than last year’s results. Some 78.7 per cent of grades attained were at A* to A, with 97.2 per cent of all grades recorded at A* to B and 99.9 per cent at A* to C.

Headteacher Elizabeth Surber said: “We are delighted with our exceptional GCSE results which confirm the talent, commitment and focus of our girls and their teachers.”

Alexandra Bland, Danielle Cugini, Laura Ewell, Elinor Foster and Amy Francombe all achieved nine A* grades, while 87 of the 103 candidates achieved five or more A* to A grades.

Kenilworth School pupils have again achieved top class results in their GCSEs.

Eighty-three per cent of students achieved five A* to C grades including English and maths, while 98 per cent of students achieved five A* to C grades overall. The top 44 per cent of students achieved five or more A* and A grades alone.

Headteacher Hayden Abbott said: “I am really delighted for the students as they have worked extremely hard and fully deserve this success. Students are doing better and better all the time. They enjoy good relations with their teachers and fellow students in a learning environment that is very student focused.

“Bearing in mind that we are a comprehensive school, it is really impressive to see that almost half of our students in year 11 achieved five or more A* and A grades, a standard that would be akin to a selective school.”

The independent girls school the Kingsley School in Leamington has continued its trend of excellent academic achievement at GCSE with three in four passes at grades A* to B, 46 per cent of which are grades A* and A. The overall pass rate is 100 per cent.

Headteacher Heather Owens said she was “incredibly proud” of the girls’ achievements, adding: “The results demonstrate that Kingsley’s academic care is as outstanding as the pastoral care for which we are very well known. Academic attainment at Kingsley is consistently high but these results are as much about individual effort and achievement, sometimes beyond expectation, as about the grades.”

It has been another very good year for GCSE results at Campion School in Leamington, with 97 per cent of the year group gaining at least five A* to C grades and 57 per cent gaining this including both English at maths at Grade C or above. This results are the school’s best ever and maintained the strong improvement made by the school in the last five years.

Headteacher Mark Feldman said: “These results are really important. At a time of turbulence nationally in examination grading, we have maintained our performance. It is such a pleasure to see the great results achieved by our students – particularly the excellent achievement of our most able students and of those who have to overcome disadvantages. Our students who were supported by Pupil Premium funding gained results well above the national average for that group.”

Outstanding individual achievements included those of Daniel Arthur, Mea Carter, Lois French and Kirsty Partridge - all of whom gained at least nine separate A* or A grades.

Following June’s successful Ofsted visit, year 11 students at Trinity School in Leamington are celebrating more success. Pupils at the school have achieved 60 per cent A* to C grades with English and maths, with 22 per cent of the students achieving the English Baccalaureate. Headteacher Chris Gabbett said: “This is a very pleasing result. There has been so much in the media of late discussing the shifting sands of the exam system - and I am so glad that at Trinity we are maintaining good academic standards. To improve our EBACC score is a particular positive.”

The school will be retaining a record number of students in the sixth form.

With A*s at their second highest ever, pupils and staff at the independent boys’ school Warwick School are delighted with their GCSE results.

Forty-one per cent of boys achieved A* grades, with 75.2 per cent of entries recorded at A*or A and 92.2 per cent of grades at A* to B.

Peter Borsada gained a full set of 12 A*s and an A* in ICT (short course). Conor Cafolla, Justin Chung and Carl Martin all gained 11 A*s with the additional A* in ICT (short course). Thirteen boys achieved ten or more A* grades.

Headteacher Gus Lock said: “I can only say how very proud I am of the boys and the entire staff at Warwick School. For one third of a year group to achieve only A and starred A grades is a remarkable achievement but it is even more satisfying to see so many young men achieving at their full potential.

“They worked very hard indeed, as did their teachers and parents who have provided immeasurable support and outstanding guidance. I congratulate them all on these exceptional results.”

From a cohort of 130 GCSE candidates at the independent Princethorpe College, almost 40 per cent of grades were at A* or A, and over 65 per cent at grade B or better. Fifteen per cent of candidates achieved at least nine A* or A grades.

The best individual results were from Hamish Ungless who achieved A*s in all 12 of his subjects.

Headteacher Ed Hester said he was delighted with the excellent results which confirmed how far the school’s academic profile has continued to improve over the past few years.

He said: “It is marvellous to be able to celebrate such success and all credit goes to the pupils and staff for their hard work. Whilst we have a wide range of pupils it is particularly encouraging to see we had our biggest percentage of A* grades ever this year.

“I am delighted that the vast majority of this cohort will continue into our wonderful sixth form to study A-levels and will aim to complete our innovative Princethorpe Diploma.”

Kineton High School’s 2013 GCSE results smashed all the school’s previous records.

Ninety-two per cent of pupils achieved five or more GCSEs at A* to C grades - up ten per cent on last year - while 74 per cent gained five or more A* to C grades including English and maths, up seven per cent compared to last year.

Headteacher Julia Morris said: “We have a great school here and we are incredibly proud of our students and staff who have worked hard, along with the close support of parents, to attain these exceptional results.”