Doormat is a "serious" health and safety risk

A doormat created a "serious" health and safety risk, according to the owners of one Warwick apartment block.

Ben Day of Saltisford Gate was dumbstruck to receive a letter from the building's managing agents telling him to remove the 7 Ikea rug or face a 35 charges fee.

The Touch FM radio DJ, 24, said: "I put the doormat outside my front door so that I can keep my carpets clean. You'd have to try pretty hard to fall over it.

"I live on the top floor and no one passes, but I received a deadly serious letter saying the doormat is a serious health and safety hazard.

"Only with our mad health and safety culture could a letter like this be regarded as anything other than a complete joke."

Mr Day was told in a letter from managing agents Mainstay that "this act constitutes a breach of the covenant in your lease as well as a serious health risk".

The warning states: "As the communal corridors are used as the main exit routes in the event of emergency, items such as doormats create a serious trip hazard."

The company then cites the Regulatory Reform 2005 which says that emergency exits and routes to them must be kept clear at all times.

Mr Day now has to remove the offending rug or pay 35 plus VAT for the cost of having it removed from his flat.

He said: "What adds insult to injury is that there was a broken water pump which they took months to fix. I have had to put the doormat inside my door, so it's only a threat to myself now.

"It is just insane really, they must have bigger priorities than this."

A spokeswoman for Mainstay Residential Ltd said that they were unable to comment on the doormat but added: "We do, however, hold regular meetings with residents and are happy to discuss any issues with the residents should they wish to raise them at the meetings."