Cousins enlist the help of Leamington restaurants for fundraising effort

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Two A level students have enlisted the help of some of Leamington’s top restaurants to raise money for their fundraising campaign.

Cousins Isri Rai and Namneet Billar, who both attend North Leamington School’s Sixth Form, have raised £1,500 for Dementia UK by getting the ten restaurants to donate two free meals to the winners of a raffle.

Those who donated were La Coppola, Momenti, Wilde’s, Sabai Sabai, Paprika, The Star and Garter, Oscar’s, Le Bistro, Kayal and Zizzi’s.

The cousins said: “We did this because our own grandmother has dementia. Dementia is a destructive illness, which is unfortunately increasingly being faced by loved ones, including our own.

“In fact, currently 800,000 people are suffering with dementia and this is predicted to reach an astounding 1,000,000 by 2021. It is said to be ‘one of greatest enemies of humanity’ according to the BBC News.”

The raffle took place this weekend with the owners of each restaurant meeting the girls for a photograph with the cheque for the amount raised.

Dementia UK aims to improve the quality of life for those who have the condition and their families by providing specialist Admiral Nurses.