Coming face to face with stark reality

The original Second World War factory in which the German entrepreneur Oscar Schindler “employed” more than 1,000 Jewish people - saving them from the gas ovens - has been visited by Myton School pupils.

Schindler’s factory - made famous in the novel and later the film Schindler’s List - is now a museum.

But there was far less of a museum feel as the Warwick group travelled 60 kilometres from Krakow to visit the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau.

As more than one of the teenagers commented: “Visiting Auswitz really gets you to put your life into perspective.

Another said: “The beds we saw in the camps were the ones actually used by the Jews, their shoes and hair are still’s hearbreaking to see how others treat other human beings.”

As part of the four-day trip the religious studies students also met a woman who, like Oscar Schindler, was given the title Righteous of the Nation, the highest award the state of Israel gives to gentiles.