Aston Martin remain tight-lipped over move to Warwick

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District planners have cleared the final hurdles to luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin moving its distribution centre to Warwick in October.

But while Tournament Fields is said to be a “preferred option” the company would only say on Wednesday that Warwick was “one of the sites” to which it was considering transferring its parts and logistics hub.

Aston Martin already manufactures vehicles at nearby Gaydon and so building the proposed 21,000 square metre warehouse on the edge of Warwick would make sense.

On Tuesday planners considered the scale, access, landscaping and appearance of the proposed building and how it will be screened from people living on the Chase Meadow estate.

Cllr Bertie MacKay (Ind, Stoneleigh) said: “The height of the warehouse will be 15 metres but the roof profile will be largely concealed behind a parapet wall.

“The building’s appearance will also be broken up and sited at the furthest point from any houses with a landscaped buffer zone of 13 metres wide along its northern side.”

The hub would be transferred from Banbury, where the lease is due to expire, and would bring 65 jobs to the area - although inevitably some of these would be taken by workers relocating.

Significant junction improvements on the M40/A46 junction have already been made.

Bryan Houston, of the Chase Meadow Residents’ Association who runs a cafe on the estate, says most people are pleased that such a prestigious company looks like its coming to Warwick.

Mr Houston said: “The distribution centre will be serviced from the M40 so there will be no extra traffic but the prospect of more jobs locally.

“It is good for us as a small business and should be good for Warwick.”

Although it seems unlikely Aston Martin would go through the planning process if it was not intending to move to Warwick, the company remains tight lipped on its plans.