Console Corner: Top 10 games for 2017: Part 2

Our look at the top five most anticipated games of 2017

Our look at the top five most anticipated games of 2017

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Part two of our look at the top 10 most anticipated games of 2017 as we count down to number one.

It promises to be a fantastic year for video games and this list could quite easily have stretched to 25 or 30 titles but here is the rest of the top 10.

5) Quake Champions: The first person shooter is the most saturated of all the gaming genres but there will always be room for Quake. We have been waiting for legendary game to make a long-awaited return and now iD and Bethesda are set to make it happen with Quake Champions. The game will feature a large roster of playable characters, each of which has their own unique skills — similar to Overwatch. Date TBA.

4) Days Gone: The gameplay demo shown at E3 has had people hooked ever since. Yes it is yet another zombie game... but this time Sony look to have it nailed with a realistic tone. The number of zombies on screen at any one time is frightening. Another due in the autumn.

3) Destiny 2: Destiny‘s shooting mechanics were the benchmark but there were many elements of the game - including the lack of a proper storyline which were lacking. Load times and bugs also took their toll but if lessons have been learned Destiny 2 could be a major hit.

2) Ghost Recon Wildlands: This one will be out on PS4, Xbox One and PC and is a tactical shooter that will be the tenth installment in the Ghost Recon franchise. 
It will feature an open world environment, and looks to draw influences from Just Cause 3 and Grand Theft Auto 5. The game will be set in modern times this time, and the open world will feature a variety of environments (indicating that the map is likely huge). Watch the stealth takedown mission on YouTube... absolutely awesome.

1) Red Dead Redemption 2: Finally the time has come and Rockstar has blessed us with news that Red Dead Redemption is getting a sequel. We don’t know much about it but the teaser showed seven cowboys on the horizon, alluding to a possible multiple story angle, similar to Grand Theft Auto V. Set for release in the autumn RDR2 is a sure bet to be one of the games of 2017.